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Why Intimacy Set Coordination?

TV and Movie Sets Are Hiring 'Intimacy Coordinators' to Keep Actors Safe During Sex Scenes. Demand for the role grew in the U.S. entertainment industry after the 2017 Weinstein scandal and the Me Too movement highlighted the often routine nature of sexual harassment and misconduct in the industry. 

“Intimacy coordinators provide an important safety net for our members doing hyper-exposed work. At a time when the industry still needs to make great changes, our initiative will ensure the safety and security of SAG-AFTRA members while they work and respects the boundaries of actors. Our goal is to normalize and promote the use of intimacy coordinators within our industry." SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris. 

SAG-AFTRA established the Four Pillars of Change initiative and issued a Code of Conduct and Guideline No. 1, designed to uphold professional standards.

Intimacy Coordinators are trained in utilizing the Pillars of Safe Intimacy, context, communication, consent, choreography and closure, to ensure the standards for safe simulated intimacy are upheld in both rehearsal and performance. They act as advocates for the emotional safety of everyone present during the filming of intimate and sensitive content, including all members of the cast and crew.

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